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We want you to be able to trust in us, but we know that earning your trust takes time. This is all time that we are willing to put in, but more often than not you may need a vehicle sooner rather than later. In that situation who are you supposed to turn to? We think the best place for you to look is right here on our testimonials page. Now you can see what other people have said about us and the way that we do business.

These are all real words written by real people who just want to make sure that potential customers like you know how much we have to offer. If you are already a Broadway Auto Credit customer, then why not leave us some fair and detailed feedback and get the word out there. We thank you for any time that you spend giving us quality feedback.

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We just started a family and we had little to no credit. I was having problems getting loans on my own through my bank. No one wanted to help us out. We didn't have enough credit and we weren't getting anywhere. When I came to Broadway, they opened up a whole new light on it. I had a lot of cars to choose from. I felt very comfortable with the person I worked with. I got the car I wanted. I went home the same day with it. Broadway Auto Credit worked for me!