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Refilling engine oil

What are the Best Maintenance Practices for Your Pre-Owned Car?

Top Tips for Maintaining a Used Vehicle 

Are you a pre-owned car owner with queries about timely services and maintenance? Here are the top tips for maintaining a used vehicle. You need to bear these points in mind to keep the car functional at all times. If you’re a pre-owned car owner, make sure to adopt the following steps lest your vehicle doesn’t undergo back-to-back downtimes. Check out the available services at Broadway Auto Credit in Green Bay, WI, and use them to your car’s advantage for its longer lifespan. Drop by our dealership to get the vehicle’s parts replaced or repaired before it runs out of its healthy juices. Get in touch with us to learn more about the maintenance services and the pre-owned vehicles offered at our dealership. 

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Vehicle wheels closeup image

How Do I Clean My Car’s Wheels at Home?

Super Clean Your Vehicle’s Wheels – DIY 

Do you know that wheels are the most underrated part of a vehicle? By underrated, we mean wheels are almost always taken for granted. This is the case with the majority of drivers. They periodically upgrade all the other parts of their vehicles and often ignore the wheels. Well, this is not a healthy habit. Wheels are mighty important. These are what make your car move! 

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animated image of a car with lemon as its tires and a gavel on its roof

Buy Quality Pre-Owned Cars in Green Bay, WI

How Does a Car Qualify for Lemon Law? 

Are you searching for a new vehicle? If so, you know that picking out the right car for you and your family could be a tricky decision. There are many things that you must check and consider before you finalize your vehicle. Drivers looking for a new car usually look at new models to purchase. But if you are in the market for a used car, you are at the right place.  

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Cars in a parking lot

Tips for Making Your Car Last Longer

Ways You Can Get the Most Out of Your Vehicle

Do you want to drive your vehicle for years to come? Whether it is your current ride or your most recent upgrade, vehicles are big investments that you will want to protect. To get the most value out of your car, you will need to give it the proper care it requires all year round. Here are a few tips for making your car last longer.

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Mechanic holding an oil filter

What Do Oil Filters Do for a Car?

The Importance of Changing Oil Filters

Let’s say you go get your oil changed and the mechanic says that you should replace the oil filter. Shouldn’t the oil change be adequate enough for your vehicle to properly function? Not necessarily. So, what do oil filters do for a car? How often should I replace my oil filter? You got the questions, and we got the answers here at the Broadway Credit blog!

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Close up of a blue car with a sunset in the background

How to Prepare Your Vehicle for Summer Driving

Summer Car Maintenance Checklist

Summer is officially here, which means it’s time to give your vehicle a checkup to make sure it is good for the rest of the season. From making sure it stays cool to completing your regular oil change, there are many maintenance tasks you should do to prepare your vehicle for summer driving. Use our summer car maintenance checklist to see what you should have inspected and done prior to traveling on your next adventure.

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Manual Transmission Driving. Modern Car with Stick Shift Transmission

Will You Know If Your Transmission Is Bad?

What are the Signs of a Failing Transmission?

A transmission is a complicated piece of equipment, but what it does is simple. It has an input shaft from the engine and an output shaft to the wheels. Its job is to change the ratio between these two shafts so that the engine can operate efficiently while the wheels are still spinning as fast as they need to.

Every transmission is built with very low tolerances and is often buried if not directly embedded in the engine, making it a costly part to repair or replace. If your car has been acting strange lately, then you may be wondering if that strangeness could be coming from a failing transmission. What are the signs of a failing transmission? Broadway Credit in Green Bay, WI is here to help answer that.

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Man washing his car

When Should I Wash My Car?

Why Car Washes are Important

When was the last time you washed your car? If it has been a while, or perhaps you don’t remember, you’ll want to get your vehicle’s exterior cleaned when you can. Wondering when you should wash your car? On average, drivers should expect to get a car wash once every two weeks. Of course, you may need to clean it more frequently if you park your car outdoors, drive off-road, or live in an area that uses road salt or is near the ocean. So, why should you stick to the two-week rule? Here are a few reasons why car washes are more important than they seem.

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