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Close up of corrosion on a car battery terminal

What is the Flaky Substance on My Car Battery?

How to Clean Corrosion Off Car Battery Terminals

Whether you open your hood to perform regular maintenance or check up on components, take a look at your battery. Do you notice a white or blue flaky substance on your car battery? This substance, called corrosion, forms over time and can block the flow of electricity. While a little may not affect how your car functions, a lot can some headaches down the line. Here’s how you can clean corrosion off car battery terminals safely.

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cartoon aqua car with engine on fire

What Do I Do If My Engine Overheats?

What You Should and Shouldn’t Do If Your Engine Overheats

There’s nothing more exciting than being able to go on a road trip with friends. However, if you don’t properly prepare your vehicle it could lead to some problems, in particular, an overheating engine. If you’ve never experienced an overheating engine, you might be wondering, “What should, or shouldn’t I do?” Keep reading for our do’s and don’ts for handling an overheating engine.

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Mechanic aligning the wheels on a red car

Why You Should Not Put Off a Wheel Alignment

The Importance of Getting Your Wheels Aligned

Eventually, the wheels on your car will misalign. Perhaps you ran over a pothole. Maybe you accidentally hit a curb. Even worn parts can cause your wheels to misalign. For many drivers, a wheel alignment doesn’t seem necessary. However, this simply isn’t true. Here, we will explain when you should get your wheels aligned as well as why you should not put off a wheel alignment.

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Tires in a car shop

How to Do the Quarter Test on a Tire

How to Check if You Need to Replace Your Tires

The last thing you want is to be unable to stop due to low tread on your tires. While this is widely known among drivers that tires need to be replaced eventually, not everyone knows how to check their tread. Thankfully, checking it is easy, and you don’t have to see a mechanic to find out if your tires are worn. Here at Broadway Credit, we will walk you through how to do the quarter test on a tire.

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Close up of a gas nozzle pumping fuel into a vehicle

How Can I Improve My Car’s Fuel Economy?

Tips to Get Better Gas Mileage

Going through gas rather quickly? Many drivers don’t realize that there are ways to improve your fuel economy without having to buy a different car. In some cases, fuel efficiency can be improved with proper vehicle maintenance. For some drivers, changing your driving habits will surely reward you with savings. Here a few tips on how you can improve your car’s fuel economy.

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Close up of a person wiping the dashboard in their car

How Can I Disinfect the Inside of My Car for COVID-19?

Car Interior Disinfecting and Cleaning Tips for Coronavirus

With the recent news of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) spreading across the world, it’s more important than ever to make sure you stay disease-free. You won’t want to forget about your car if your daily routine involves driving around in a vehicle. Here’s how you can disinfect and clean the inside of your car for COVID-19. Read the rest of this entry >>

Close up of the tires of a car driving on a snowy road

Does Salt from the Road Damage the Paint on my Car?

How to Protect Your Vehicle’s Paint in Winter

When it gets icy outside during the winter, everyone who lives in areas like Wisconsin know that roads need to get salted. The salt helps melt ice and give drivers more traction. However, as you drive on salted roads, your tires will kick up the salt onto your vehicle. That raises the question of whether salt from the road will damage the paint on your car. Here’s some tips on how to protect your vehicle in winter. Read the rest of this entry >>

flat tire on car parked on gravel road

What Tools Do I Need to Change a Flat Tire?

You’re driving down the road when you hear a thump, feel a vibration, and then a loud flapping noise. Your steering wheel starts to pull to the side of where you heard the sound. One of your tires just went flat. If you’ve never come across this problem, you’re probably asking a couple of questions. What tools do I need to change a flat tire? How do I change a flat tire? Today, we will be teaching you how to do just that. Read the rest of this entry >>

Oil spots underneath a vehicle

Why Is My Car Leaking Oil?

Reasons a Vehicle Could Be Leaking Oil

If seeing oil spots under your car is all too familiar, then you have a leaking vehicle in your hands. However, a car leaking oil may not be as obvious. Perhaps you smell burning oil after taking a drive or you see blue smoke coming out of your exhaust pipe. This is a very common problem that drivers come across and there are numerous reasons why your car could be leaking oil. Read the rest of this entry >>

Close up of a person checking the wiper blade on a car

How to Replace the Windshield Wipers on your Car

Step by Step Guide on Changing your Windshield Wipers Properly

Bad wiper blades will reduce how well you can see in the rain or snow. Once you know your wiper blades are bad, you should plan to get them replaced. While professionals can replace these blades for you, you may want to complete the task yourself. If you don’t know how to replace the windshield wipers on your car, follow this step by step guide. Read the rest of this entry >>