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child being buckled into a car seat

Will you find LATCH systems in used cars?

What is the LATCH safety feature?

If you have been looking at vehicle safety features, then you have likely seen a LATCH system listed. What is the LATCH safety feature? We can explain what it is and how important it is especially if you have any small children. We’ll also tell you what vehicles you can find it in. This can help if you decide it’s a feature you want in a used vehicle like the Green Bay, WI, used inventory we have linked below from Broadway Credit.

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2011 Chevy Aveo gray side view

Do models lose support after they get phased out?

Should you buy a vehicle that is no longer made?

If you are looking for a used vehicle, you may find that a lot of the options the dealerships have to offer, including the offerings at Broadway Credit, are models that are no longer listed in the new lineups for those brands. Meaning these vehicles are no longer made new. Should you buy a vehicle that is no longer made? Broadway Credit can help, and you can also find our used option in Green Bay, WI right now by clicking the link below.

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Graphic of a person selecting a car

What is the Average Mileage for Used Cars?

How to Compare Mileage on Different Vehicles

So, you are ready to buy a car that fits your budget and needs. With so many pre-owned options available, it’s easy to find a reliable and affordable ride that fits your family well. Of course, when you compare used vehicles, one of the many things to consider is the mileage. At Broadway Credit, we will explore the average mileage for used cars so you know what you can expect.

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Close up of a person holding a blue toy car in their hands

Which Drivetrain Should I Pick for a Car?

Front-Wheel Drive vs All-Wheel Drive vs 4-Wheel Drive vs Rear-Wheel Drive

If you are shopping for your next car, you’ll have a lot more than make and model to choose from. Along with selecting the right vehicle at the right price, you will want to make sure you are also selecting the right drivetrain for your driving needs. See which drivetrain you should consider picking for your car with our drivetrain comparison.

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Driver behind the wheel of a car

Things to Look for While on a Test Drive

Tips for Test Driving a Car

Test driving is a crucial step to the car buying process. A test drive can tell you if the vehicle is right for you and if there are any problems with it that you should be concerned about. Of course, there are many things to look for on a test drive. At Broadway Credit, we will help you get the most out of your test drive by detailing many key things you should be watching for and checking.

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Front passenger angle of a red 2021 Toyota Camry

How to Choose the Right Car Body Style

Vehicle Body Type Comparison

There are many different types of cars on the roads today. From the well-known sedan to the popular SUV, there is a vehicle for every driver. Before you start shopping for your first or next car, you need to know what kind of body type is best for you. Here at Broadway Credit, we will help you choose the right car body style by comparing and contrasting the most popular body types available.

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Front passenger angle of a red 2020 Toyota Camry

Why are Sedans So Popular?

Pros and Cons of Driving a Sedan

A sedan is likely the first thing you think of when you think of a vehicle. This iconic body type has been around ever cars were first introduced. Also, while crossovers and SUVs are becoming more popular, sedans are still one of the most common body styles you can see on the road today. Why are sedans so popular? What are the pros and cons of driving a sedan? We will explore reasons why the sedan is not going away anytime soon as well as reasons why some sedan drivers are switching to the growing crossover market.

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