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Cars parked at a gas station

When Should I Fill Up Gas for My Car?

Recommended Days and Times to Buy Gasoline

Need to stop to fill up gas for your car soon? The price of gas fluctuates all the time, which can give the misperception that prices are hard to predict. Even though it is impossible to say exactly how much gas will cost at any specific gas station in the next day or week, there are days and times that are more cost-efficient for buying gasoline. Here’s when you should consider filling up.

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Young boy counting money with a calculator

How Can I Teach My Kids How to Handle Money?

Tips for Helping Children and Teenagers Manage Their Cash

Wherever life takes your child, you will want them to be successful at whatever path their heart is set at. To help them along the way, it’s important for parents to teach their kids how to properly manage money, no matter if your child is a toddler or a teen. Here are a few tips for helping children and teenagers manage their cash.

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Front driver angle of a dark blue 2020 Chevrolet Equinox

Should I Buy a Crossover or an SUV?

Crossover and SUV Differences

It’s a common misperception among car shoppers to think that crossovers are small SUVs. It doesn’t help when even some car manufacturers combine the two with terms such as “crossover SUV”. However, it’s important to realize that there are big differences between crossovers and SUVs that you should be aware of. This way, you can better pick a model that’s right for you and your family.

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Close up of a gas nozzle pumping fuel into a vehicle

How Can I Improve My Car’s Fuel Economy?

Tips to Get Better Gas Mileage

Going through gas rather quickly? Many drivers don’t realize that there are ways to improve your fuel economy without having to buy a different car. In some cases, fuel efficiency can be improved with proper vehicle maintenance. For some drivers, changing your driving habits will surely reward you with savings. Here a few tips on how you can improve your car’s fuel economy.

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Piggy bank next to stacks of coins

How Can I Reduce How Much I Pay Every Month During Quarantine?

Tips for Saving Money While at Home

It has been a rough month for thousands of Americans with the COVID-19 situation keeping people at home. Now, with another month extended to the stay at home order, Wisconsinites will need to endure yet another month of carefully managing their finances with reduced or no income. Thankfully, there are ways you can reduce how much you pay every month during quarantine. If you are worried about paying your bills on time, here are a few tips for saving money while at home.

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Couple calculating their finances

How Should I Spend My Stimulus Money?

Best Ways to Use Your Stimulus Check

If you are one of the millions of Americans who have filed 2018 or 2019 taxes, you may have already received your $1,200 stimulus check as part of the Coronavirus relief package passed by the government. However, if you don’t have direct deposit on file with the IRS, you’ll probably be receiving the check in the mail over the next few weeks. So, how should you spend your stimulus money? Here are a few things you should consider.

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Close up of a pen on top of a car loan application form

Who Should Be my Cosigner for a Car Loan?

Trusted People to Consider When Looking for a Cosigner

If your credit score isn’t high enough for you to take out a loan by yourself, you will likely need a cosigner in order to secure the loan you want. What is a cosigner? Who can I trust to cosign with me? Here, we will detail why the decision to cosign is so important as well as a few ideas of who to potentially consider as a cosigner.

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Close up of a woman working on a laptop

Can I Shop for a Vehicle Without Going to the Dealership?

Online Tips and Resources for Car Buyers

Having to stay home and only leaving for essentials makes a lot of tasks tougher. Thankfully, Wisconsin dealerships are deemed essential as drivers need a reliable mode of transportation. However, even with increased precautions, you may not be comfortable visiting the lot. So, how can you shop for a vehicle without going to the dealership? With a diversity of technologies available, it’s easy to complete the car buying process online. Here’s how you can do it.

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