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Is Tax Season a Good Time of the Year to Buy a Used Car?

How to Use Your Tax Refund on a Vehicle

It’s tax season and many families across the U.S. are filing for their tax returns. While you wait to receive your refund, consider how you want to save or spend it. If you are looking to buy a car during this time of year, you’ll need to know the best ways to use your tax refund on your next vehicle. Read the rest of this entry >>

Can I Tax Deduct a Company Car?

Smart Ways to Spend your Tax Return Money

What should I do with my tax refund?

Looking forward to getting your tax refund back? Don’t be like the many other taxpayers that go out and splurge their refunds away in a matter of days. There are better ways to make the most out of your 2016 tax return, so it’s a good idea to plan out when you’ll be doing with your check. Here area few suggestions of smarter ways to spend your tax return money. Read the rest of this entry >>