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Is Your Car Ready to Hit the Road This Summer? – Read the Summer Car Checklist

Here Is Your Summer Car Checklist

Summer is nearly here, so it’s time to have that automobile maintenance done that you’ve been putting off. Summer means road excursions, hauling, traveling, and a whole lot more in your car. So, how can you make sure your automobile is summer-ready? Keep reading the blog by Broadway Auto Credit in Green Bay, WI, to know more about the summer car checklist.

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White-tailed deer crossing the road during autumn

Tips for Safely Driving During Deer Season

How to Drive Safely While Deer are Most Active in Wisconsin

Deer season is nearly upon us in Wisconsin. From October to December, you will likely see deer much more active during these next few months as it is their mating season. As a result, it’s important to freshen up on how to drive safely during deer season and what to do if you spot one on the road.

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Close up of the tires of a car driving on a snowy road

Does Salt from the Road Damage the Paint on my Car?

How to Protect Your Vehicle’s Paint in Winter

When it gets icy outside during the winter, everyone who lives in areas like Wisconsin know that roads need to get salted. The salt helps melt ice and give drivers more traction. However, as you drive on salted roads, your tires will kick up the salt onto your vehicle. That raises the question of whether salt from the road will damage the paint on your car. Here’s some tips on how to protect your vehicle in winter. Read the rest of this entry >>

Leaves and lights on an orange background with the text "Happy Thanksgiving"

Where Can I Race on Thanksgiving near Green Bay?

2019 Turkey Trot Races near Green Bay, WI

As holiday festivities draw nearer, you may find that it is more difficult to keep off the pounds. While you will want to feast on turkey with your loved ones on Thanksgiving Day, you don’t have to gain a bunch of weight as a result. If you are looking for a fun way to burn some calories before cooking your Thanksgiving dinner, join a Turkey Trot race here in the Green Bay area! Read the rest of this entry >>

View of the outside of Lambeau Field in Green Bay

How to Stay Warm while Watching the Green Bay Packers in Winter

Tips on What to Bring to a Cold Green Bay Packers Game

Many Green Bay Packers fans will love to go to a game, even if the temperatures are below freezing or if it is snowing. However, some may not know what to bring to prepare to sit in the cold for a few hours. Here are some tips on how to stay warm while watching the Packers play in winter. Read the rest of this entry >>