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Benches in a city park

Popular Parks to Visit in Green Bay, WI

Best Parks for Kids and Adults Green Bay, Wisconsin

It’s summer, which means that the weather is now much warmer and beautiful than ever. Of course, with the pandemic still lurking, you’re also probably eager to get out of the house and enjoy nature at a distance from others. To help you get the time in the sun you crave, here are a few popular parks in Green Bay, WI you should consider visiting.

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Red, white, and blue banner with stars and the text "Happy Memorial Day!"

Ideas to Do for Memorial Day 2020 While Social Distancing

Memorial Day Indoor and Outdoor Activity Ideas

Memorial Day is right around the corner, which means it’s time for celebration, reflection, and expression of gratitude to those that have fought to protect us. However, with the pandemic still lingering, you may not want to leave the house as you don’t want yourself or a loved one to get sick. For others, you may be itching to finally leave the house while still practicing social distancing. Whether you plan to stay home or do fun activities outdoors, we got a few ideas on what you can do for Memorial Day 2020.

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Mother and child dressing in winter clothing with snowy trees in the background while eating cookies and drinking hot chocolate

Which Events Can I Go to for Free for 2020 Winter in Green Bay, WI?

2020 Free Winter Activities in Green Bay, WI

It’s always fun to go out with family and friends for some activities and events in Green Bay. However, it can be challenging for some residents to have fun after the expensive Christmas season. If you are looking for exciting and free winter activities to do in Green Bay this winter, check out our suggestions here! Read the rest of this entry >>

Red banner with snow graphics and the text "Christmas Events 2019 Green Bay, WI"

What Christmas Events Can I Go to This Weekend in Green Bay, WI?

2019 Christmas Activities in Green Bay, WI

By now, you’re probably decorating the house and prepping for Christmas. If you are in the Green Bay area, there are plenty of Christmas activities you can participate in to add some joy to the holidays. Here are a few suggestions on which Christmas events you can go to this weekend in Green Bay, WI. Read the rest of this entry >>