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A man calculating vehicle insurance

How Can I Save Money on Insurance Premium?

Best Practices to Save on Insurance Costs  

Customers put in a lot of work when buying a new vehicle, often comparing various makes and models and going to lengths to find the best and most affordable financing rates. Having adequate vehicle insurance is smart and prudent, but there’s no doubt that it adds to the expense of driving. The brighter side is that premiums can vary based on numerous factors. In this blog by Broadway Auto Credit in Green Bay, WI, learn about the best practices to save on car insurance premiums.  

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Happy young driver sitting in the driver's seat of a car

Shopping for the Best Deals on Car Insurance as a Teen

Tips for Teenagers to Save Money on Auto Insurance

Receiving your driver’s license is an exciting time for teenagers. Nonetheless, this means that your teenager will need to be insured with auto insurance. Of course, car insurance can be expensive, especially as a new driver. So how do you shop for the best deals on car insurance as a teen? Here are a few tips teenage drivers should consider to save money on auto insurance.

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Hail damage on the hood and windshield of a car

What is Covered with Comprehensive Insurance?

Why You Should Consider Comprehensive Insurance

When you purchase your vehicle and have to shop around for car insurance, consider adding comprehensive. Of course, especially if you are new to the car insurance world, you may not know what that means. What exactly is covered with comprehensive insurance? Is it worth it to purchase comprehensive insurance? We will help you decide that here at Broadway Credit.

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How Are IIHS Safety Awards calculated?

IIHS Crash Testing and Vehicle Safety

How Are IIHS Safety Awards calculated?

While an individual’s driving record, age, and experience can influence the price of insurance, another big factor is the car’s safety rating. Some vehicles have an advantage when it comes to avoiding accidents, and those are often cheaper to insure. Some of the best measures of vehicle crash safety are the IIHS safety scores. But how are IIHS Safety Awards calculated and what do they mean? Keep reading for an overview. Read the rest of this entry >>

Do I Have To Have Car Insurance in Wisconsin?

Do I Have To Have Car Insurance in Wisconsin?

Car Insurance Rules for Wisconsin

Car insurance payments can take a major chunk out of your monthly paycheck. And if you are a safe driver who has never had an accident, it can be hard to believe that you actually need that insurance. You may have asked yourself “Do I have to have car insurance in Wisconsin?” However, in addition to it being the law in Wisconsin, there are good reasons to keep car insurance on your vehicle. Keep reading for an overview of car insurance rules for Wisconsin. And along the way you’ll probably get a good idea why you need the stuff. Read the rest of this entry >>