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Person putting coins into a piggy bank

How to Build an Emergency Fund

Tips for Saving Money for Emergencies

Do you have an emergency fund built up and stashed away, ready to access if you need it? If not, it’s highly recommended that you start building one. An emergency fund is money set aside for large, unexpected purchases or expenses. These are typically held in savings accounts due to how easy and fast it is to withdraw cash. Emergency funds are often used for situations such as a job loss, major car repair, medical expenses, natural disasters, and home repairs or necessary appliance replacements. If you don’t yet have this extra cash off to the side, learn how to build an emergency fund at the Broadway Credit blog!

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Person stacking coins

How Should I Pay Down My Debt?

Debt Snowball Method vs Debt Avalanche Method

When deciding how to tackle your debt, you’ve probably heard a couple different things. First, you may have been told that it is better to pay off debts with the highest interest. Second, you probably have been advised to pay off smaller debts first and move up to the larger ones later. Which method is better? How should I pay down my debt? Here, we will take a look at two strategies for debt repayment: Debt Snowball Method and the Debt Avalanche Method.

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Close up of a person using a calculator to review their budget

How to Improve Your Current Personal Budget

Ways to Better Your Monthly Budget

For those looking to better their financial situation and budgeting skills, you’re probably revisiting your current budget and seeing what you can change. Of course, it’s not always obvious which aspects of your budget should be adjusted. In addition, everyone’s budget will look different based on unique income and expenses. How do you improve your current personal budget? Here are a few things you should take note of.

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Cars parked at a gas station

When Should I Fill Up Gas for My Car?

Recommended Days and Times to Buy Gasoline

Need to stop to fill up gas for your car soon? The price of gas fluctuates all the time, which can give the misperception that prices are hard to predict. Even though it is impossible to say exactly how much gas will cost at any specific gas station in the next day or week, there are days and times that are more cost-efficient for buying gasoline. Here’s when you should consider filling up.

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Young boy counting money with a calculator

How Can I Teach My Kids How to Handle Money?

Tips for Helping Children and Teenagers Manage Their Cash

Wherever life takes your child, you will want them to be successful at whatever path their heart is set at. To help them along the way, it’s important for parents to teach their kids how to properly manage money, no matter if your child is a toddler or a teen. Here are a few tips for helping children and teenagers manage their cash.

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Piggy bank next to stacks of coins

How Can I Reduce How Much I Pay Every Month During Quarantine?

Tips for Saving Money While at Home

It has been a rough month for thousands of Americans with the COVID-19 situation keeping people at home. Now, with another month extended to the stay at home order, Wisconsinites will need to endure yet another month of carefully managing their finances with reduced or no income. Thankfully, there are ways you can reduce how much you pay every month during quarantine. If you are worried about paying your bills on time, here are a few tips for saving money while at home.

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