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How to Prepare Your Vehicle for Winter?

Winter Vehicle Maintenance Checklist You Should Remember

You must prepare your car for winter just like you would your outfit! Driving in the winter may be challenging, and if there is snow, it gets even trickier. You must keep your car winter-ready if you don’t want to end up stranded on the road. Packing an emergency winter kit with a well-inflated spare tire, a wheel wrench, a tripod jack, and a tool kit is one method always to be prepared for anything. Our staff at Broadway Auto Credit in Green Bay, Wisconsin, has prepared a winter vehicle maintenance checklist to assist you in keeping your car winter-ready. Thanks to this checklist, you will be aware of everything that must be checked before you go.  

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Tips to Winterize Your Car  

Here are some things you can do to prepare your car for the upcoming winter season.  

  • Check the tire tread.  
  • Maintain proper air pressure in your tires.  
  • Consider switching to snow tires.  
  • Inspect the battery.  
  • Clean the battery terminals.  
  • Check the condition of the heater.  
  • Change the oil and antifreeze.  
  • Lubricate window tracks.  
  • Lube the door locks, latches, hinges, and leather strapping.  
  • Check the coolant.  
  • Replace cabin air filter.  
  • Consider switching to winter wiper blades.  
  • And more!  
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To prepare your automobile for winter, you can use the advice from the aforementioned winter car maintenance checklist. You may contact our staff at Broadway Auto Credit if you require any assistance in finding out more information about your vehicle. You may also easily take the wheel of a capable pre-owned automobile at our showroom. Our experts can create a loan plan to suit your needs regardless of your credit situation. Visit our website to go through our selection. You can plan a test drive or visit our dealership in Green Bay, Wisconsin if you’re interested in any vehicles and want to give them a spin.