Close up of a hand cleaning a white car with a red cloth.

How to Clean the Interior of Your Car

Tips to Clean the Interior of Your Car

The interior of the car should be fresh and clean all the time. Nobody wants to sit in a vehicle that is messy and filthy. The interior should feel welcoming. It is such as turn off if you see sticky residue, pet hair, and snack crumbs all over your car. It does not leave a good impression. Over time, dust, dirt, and grime accumulate in the vehicle. They can degrade your car’s interior and even cause unpleasant smells. To avoid this, you must have a regular cleaning schedule in place. Keep reading this blog by the Broadway Automotive dealership in Green Bay, WI, to learn how to clean your car’s interior.

Clean Your Car’s Interior Like a Pro

First and foremost, remove all the trash from the car. Get rid of the chips packets, plastic glasses or cups, toys, etc. If you see any unwanted thing lying in the vehicle, discard it. Then take out the floor mats. Shake them outside to get rid of crumbs. Floor mats get very dirty. You can use an upholstery cleaner to clean the carpet. For non-carpeted mats, you can use a hose to wash away excess dirt.

Run the vacuum throughout the interior. The vacuum will help to collect all the sneaky bits of dirt and crumbs from the seat. For smaller areas, use a microfibre cloth. You can use a duster to remove dust from your dashboard. Remember that after cleaning it, it is crucial to disinfect the dashboard. It is prone to a lot of germs and bacteria. Use a disinfecting wipe to clean it.

Do not forget to clean the console, cupholders, door panels, steering wheel, interior windows, etc. Using an alcohol-based glass cleaner is recommended to wipe the insides of your windows and windshields.

If you clean your car’s interior regularly, it will remain fresh, shiny, and inviting.

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Close up of a hand cleaning the steering wheel of a car using a yellow cloth.
Close up of a hand cleaning the interior of a car.

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