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Should I change the tires of my Car?

When to replace the tires of your car? 

Tires are often neglected despite being the most perishable component of the car. Tires need to be replaced as a well-maintained tire makes all the difference between a safe journey and an ill-fated journey. Maintaining alignment, wheel balance, and tire rotation are basic steps to care for your wheel but it is also vital to know when to change the tires. Learn when to replace the tires of your car at Broadway Credit in Green Bay, WI. Continue reading for more information.  

Check Tread Depth 

Although most modern tires come with tire wear indicators, you can always use the quarter test to check the tread depth of your tire. According to the rulebook, tread depths are to be maintained by every car owner at 12/32” for lightweight vehicles and 15/32” for heavy vehicles. If you hold a quarter in the groove of the tread and you can see the whole of the President’s head, then it is time to change your tires. At this stage, you will also be able to notice some more visible indicators like bulges, cracks, or blisters on the tires as well.  

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Get to your nearest dealership and find the tire that suits your vehicle best. At Broadway Auto Credit, you can also choose to trade in your car at the dealership that is located in Green Bay, WI. You can also get approved at the dealership to easily finance your new car purchase. Reach out to the dealership for more information and assistance.  

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