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Top 3 Parks in Green Bay WI

Are you tired of the long working hours? Looking for some quality time with your family and friends? We got you covered. The Green Bay area in WI is impressive when it comes to quality parks. Why don’t you check it and take family or friends out? These parks are have got many recreational and sports activities! The Broadway Auto Credit in Green Bay, WI, is bringing in front of you the list of top 3 parks in Green Bay, WI.

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Murphy Park

Are you dying to recreate a game with your friends? The Murphy Park has got ample amenities for games. There are Basketball courts and soccer fields for you. Additionally, the 13.82 acres of land include horseshoes, picnic areas, playgrounds, tennis courts, and a volleyball court. You are also permitted to bring alcohol to the Park. Also, there are renting facilities available for the Park if you want to host an event or day out! Moreover, Murphy Park is a dog-friendly park that you can take your four-legged friends for a peaceful walk or play date with other dogs!

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Pamperin Park

Pamperin Park is the county’s most landscaped Park. It’s a popular venue for family gatherings, anniversaries, and community events because of its attractive picnic spaces, playground, and antique stone pavilion. There’s also an outside pavilion for rent, encircled by 10,000 square feet of lovely architecture and traditional landscaping—an excellent location for wedding ceremonies and all types of photoshoots. Pamperin Park’s gently sloping hills and woodland regions, which the leisurely running Duck Creek accentuates, provide serene tranquility.

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Green Isle Park

Green Isle Park with its scenic beauty is a visual treat. Also, the Green Isle Park Pavilion is the most beautiful natural site for a family reunion, cookout, marriage, or celebration in the neighborhood. Moreover, the Pavilion can be rented at any time of the year. The rental price includes furniture. Also, the Pavilion is heated and equipped with a kitchen and toilet.

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