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Will you find LATCH systems in used cars?

What is the LATCH safety feature?

If you have been looking at vehicle safety features, then you have likely seen a LATCH system listed. What is the LATCH safety feature? We can explain what it is and how important it is especially if you have any small children. We’ll also tell you what vehicles you can find it in. This can help if you decide it’s a feature you want in a used vehicle like the Green Bay, WI, used inventory we have linked below from Broadway Credit.

What does LATCH stand for?

Before we get into what LATCH is beyond the details we already mentioned, it’s worthwhile to explain what the acronym actually stands for. It stands for Lower Anchors and Tethers for Children. We’ll be the first to admit that the acronym is not pleasant but now it will make sense when we explain what it is. In other countries, this standard is also called ISOFIX.

How does a LATCH system help child seat installation?

child in car seat

As you may have guessed, this LATCH system is specifically designed to make child seat installation easier and safer. Every rear seat should be equipped with two things. The first being two lower anchors and the second being one top tethering location.

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With LATCH, you do not have to utilize the seat belt at all. Instead, the car seat will clip into the lower anchors (which are often hidden between the seat cushion and the seat back), and if the seat is front-facing it will also be clipped into another anchor position via a top tether. This will make the seat more secure, and it will also make it easier to install.

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What vehicles have LATCH?

In the United States, the full set of anchor points (two at the base of the seat and one at the top) have been a requirement on all new vehicles since September 2002. Generally, this means that any 2003, and for sure all 2004 model-year vehicles and later will include the LATCH system for improved child safety.