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Do models lose support after they get phased out?

Should you buy a vehicle that is no longer made?

If you are looking for a used vehicle, you may find that a lot of the options the dealerships have to offer, including the offerings at Broadway Credit, are models that are no longer listed in the new lineups for those brands. Meaning these vehicles are no longer made new. Should you buy a vehicle that is no longer made? Broadway Credit can help, and you can also find our used option in Green Bay, WI right now by clicking the link below.

Do manufacturers continue supporting vehicles after they are discontinued?

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When you go to an OEM’s website, it can be easy to assume that they no longer support vehicles they no longer make because you won’t find them listed on their site anymore. This doesn’t mean they are not supported.

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In fact, this is no different than the models that they still make. Every few years, car manufacturers typically offer new iterations of their popular models. Even though they may share few parts between the current and last generation model, these models are still supported by the manufacturer and also covered under warranties when applicable.

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Can you still get parts for a vehicle that is no longer made?

Parts should be the biggest concern, but here you shouldn’t have much to worry about. Not only do the OEMs continue to make parts for the sake of service and repairs for their models for many years after but the after-market parts manufacturers will be there to support the model as well.

This is especially true for popular models. In other words, if you are still concerned about it, consider buying the most popular models possible. If you have any questions about any of the models we have in stock at Broadway Credit, then please feel free to reach out to us.

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