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What is the Difference Between Regular and Premium Fuel?

Regular vs Premium Gasoline Comparison

Have you ever gone to the gas station, looked at each of your gasoline options, and thought, “am I buying the right gas”? You’re not alone. For those that aren’t mechanics, it can be hard to answer why you are filling up with one type of fuel over another other than the fact that regular gasoline is cheaper. At Broadway Credit, we will help you understand the difference between regular and premium fuel so you can feel confident that you are using the correct one for your vehicle.

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Octane and Price Differences in Regular and Premium Gasoline

At the gas pump, you’ve probably noticed that premium fuel costs more than regular fuel. So, that begs the question – what exactly is the difference between regular and premium fuel?

Besides costing more, premium fuel has more octane than regular fuel does. Octane is the amount of pressure it can withstand before igniting. Basically, the more octane present, the less likely it will detonate prematurely. Regular gas is typically rated at 87 octane within the U.S. while premium gas has a higher octane rating of 91 or 93.

Which Gas Should I Use for My Car?

So, which fuel type should you use for your car? Ultimately, that will depend on what your vehicle requires. Cars that require premium fuel should always use premium fuel to function properly. After all, this is what’s best for your engine. If your vehicle does not require premium, you should fill up with regular gas as that is the most cost-efficient option and premium gas won’t offer your car any benefits. If your vehicle recommends premium but doesn’t require it, you can choose which gas to use. For cases like these, premium gas could help improve performance, especially in sporty and luxurious vehicles, but isn’t necessary to maintain a healthy engine.

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