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What is the Average Mileage for Used Cars?

How to Compare Mileage on Different Vehicles

So, you are ready to buy a car that fits your budget and needs. With so many pre-owned options available, it’s easy to find a reliable and affordable ride that fits your family well. Of course, when you compare used vehicles, one of the many things to consider is the mileage. At Broadway Credit, we will explore the average mileage for used cars so you know what you can expect.

How to Tell If a Vehicle Has Low, Average, or High Mileage

The amount of mileage that any vehicle will add to its odometer will vary depending on how often it was driven and how it was driven. On average, cars will typically add approximately 12,000 – 15,000 miles per year. That means that if you are looking at a used vehicle that is five years old, it will likely be around the 60,000 – 75,000-mile range.

So, what if you find a vehicle that has more or less than its average? If a vehicle has low mileage, there’s a good chance that it was used for short commutes, oftentimes within the city. In some cases, a vehicle may have also sat for a long time without being driven at all. On the other hand, if a vehicle has high mileage, it was likely used for highway driving along with frequent and/or long commutes.

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Take a Look at the Vehicle History

While mileage is important to consider in any choice of a pre-owned car, you should also take a look at the vehicle history. More specifically, see how it was maintained. For instance, a high-mileage car with regular maintenance done may be more reliable than a car that was poorly maintained. On the other hand, a properly maintained low-mileage car is likely to perform better than a high-mileage car that wasn’t taken care of properly.

Granted, even cars that were given the best care possible will give out eventually. If given regular maintenance, vehicles could potentially last to 200,000 miles. It’s recommended to make the most of your purchase and shop for a vehicle that could last you for a few years or more by selecting a vehicle that isn’t yet past its prime.

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