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How to Keep Kids Safe from Hot Cars During the Summer

Ways You Can Help Prevent Car-Related Heatstroke in Children

Feeling the heat this summer? Unfortunately, children can feel it worse than adults, especially when sitting inside of a hot car. To help your children stay comfortable as well as prevent a tragedy, here are a few ways you can keep your kids safe from hot cars during the summer.

Set Reminders and Ask Caregivers to Contact You

Ever have those mornings when you’re feeling frazzled? What about those days when you are running late to work or an important event? Sometimes, parents may forget that their children are inside the car. To ensure that your kids arrive at their destinations safely, set reminders to alert you of their presence. Some tactics to try are keeping an important item like your phone or purse in the back seat away from your child, keeping one of your child’s toys with you in the front passenger seat, or simply setting a phone alarm. If you are dropping your child off by a caregiver, such as a grandparent, babysitter, or daycare, make sure your caregiver has your phone number and ask them to call you if you are 10 minutes late.

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Lock Your Car and Keep Car Keys Out of Kids’ Reach

Kids are playful and curious. They may find items around the house and want to mess around with them. Your car keys are no exception as your children don’t normally see them up close. To avoid your children entering your vehicle, always lock your car when no one’s using it and keep your car keys out of your kids’ reach. This can help prevent them from sneaking inside your vehicle and accidentally locking themselves in. Additionally, teach your kids that car keys are not toys.

Run the A/C and Have an Adult Stay with Them

If it’s getting hot in the cabin, do you opt for cracking the window or running the A/C? Cracking a window won’t do anything in cooling the vehicle despite the assumption that it will. To keep the car cool for your passengers, run the A/C so it reaches a comfortable temperature. Also, make sure a trusted adult stays with your kids at all times. This can help ensure that your kids stay safe and cool while waiting for your return. Doing so can also prevent a potential kidnapping.

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