Muffler under a car

How to Tell If There is a Problem with Your Car’s Exhaust

Signs of a Damaged or Failing Exhaust System

Are you noticing strange things with your engine, gas usage, or exhaust in general? Here are many signs of a damaged or failing exhaust system to watch for. Here’s how you can tell if there’s problem with your car’s exhaust.

Very Loud Engine

Is your engine sound so noisy that it seems obnoxious? A very loud engine is a common sign of exhaust problems, especially when you accelerate. This is often a sign of the muffler going bad as it is no longer muffling the sound properly.

Muffler under a car

Poor Acceleration and Fuel Economy

Have you noticed that your car doesn’t feel quite as powerful anymore? Is it using more gas than usual on your daily commutes? Not only is this troublesome for highway driving and your wallet, but this is a common indicator of an exhaust issue. Unfortunately, these problems will only worsen with time, so you should get it checked out as soon as you can.

Burning or Gas Smell

Do you smell that? If you notice a burning or gas smell when behind the wheel, get your vehicle inspected immediately. A burning smell can occur due to a failed gasket and a leak onto engine wiring or other parts. The heat from the running engine will burn these gases, thus creating that burning smell. If you notice a gas smell, you may have a leaking exhaust pipe on your hands. Not fixing these issues can lead to health problems and is, in general, very dangerous for the driver and passengers.

Hanging or Dragging Exhaust Pipe

Sometimes, the exhaust pipe on vehicles break free of their bindings and begin to hang or even drag on the road. This is another vital symptom to fix immediately as this poses a danger to your vehicle and yourself as there is a risk of further damage. Additionally, it’s a risk to others around you as it may fall off and land in the path of another vehicle.

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