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How to Safely Drive Near Motorcycles

Motorcycle Awareness and Safety Tips for Drivers

Summer is here, which means motorcycle season is in full swing! As we begin to see more and more motorcyclists exploring the roads, it’s vital to remember how to safely drive near them. Here are a few motorcycle awareness and safety tips for drivers to keep in mind.

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Pay Close Attention to Blind Spots and Intersections

Due to their small size, it can be hard to notice a motorcycle near you. That’s why it’s the responsibility of all drivers around them to pay extra close attention to blind spots and intersections. Before changing lanes, make sure a motorcycle isn’t hiding in your blind spot and turn on your blinker before changing lanes to alert them of your intention to move over. At intersections, take some extra time to check both directions and continue cautiously.

When Following a Motorcycle, Give Extra Space

There are a couple reasons why drivers should always give extra space than they would a car when following a motorcycle. First, motorcycles can stop quicker than a vehicle can. That means that if they brake hard to avoid a collision, a vehicle trailing them is likely to collide with the rider. Secondly, motorcycles tend to slow their speed by letting go of the throttle or downshifting rather than using their brakes. By giving the motorcyclist more space, you will be able to see if they are slowing down without their brake lights activating.

Never Attempt to Share a Lane with a Motorcycle

Motorcycles may be small, but they are entitled to the entire lane as other vehicles are. Drivers should never attempt to share a lane with a motorcycle, no matter how compact their vehicle may be. Motorcyclists need the entire lane to move over for debris and compensate for changes in wind, such as natural wind gusts and wind changes from passing vehicles. Basically, trying to share the lane will put the motorcyclist in danger of severe injury and is illegal in Wisconsin, so don’t do it.

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