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Will You Know If Your Transmission Is Bad?

What are the Signs of a Failing Transmission?

A transmission is a complicated piece of equipment, but what it does is simple. It has an input shaft from the engine and an output shaft to the wheels. Its job is to change the ratio between these two shafts so that the engine can operate efficiently while the wheels are still spinning as fast as they need to.

Every transmission is built with very low tolerances and is often buried if not directly embedded in the engine, making it a costly part to repair or replace. If your car has been acting strange lately, then you may be wondering if that strangeness could be coming from a failing transmission. What are the signs of a failing transmission? Broadway Credit in Green Bay, WI is here to help answer that.

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Will your car tell you if your transmission is failing?

Not all transmission problems will make themselves evident through your dashboard lights, but if a problem is detected by your car’s computer systems, it could trigger a check engine light. In that event, an auto tech will be able to properly diagnose the light and determine the best course of action during a service inspection.

What does transmission fluid look like?

Transmission fluid is an oil just like the oil in your engine, though it is colored red. Without this transmission fluid, your transmission will basically eat itself alive. If you see a red oily substance left behind in your garage or driveway, then you should reach out to your local service department as soon as possible.

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Will you be able to feel if your transmission is failing?

Another way that a transmission problem could make itself known is in the feel. In an automatic transmission, you may be able to feel surging especially at highway speed. You may also feel the transmission slip with your RPMs going high in between shifts or if it hard shifts into drive. Moreover, you may experience a reduction in performance or even feel a shaking.

Can you hear or smell if your transmission is failing?

There is no sure-fire way to know that your transmission is completely healthy without getting it checked up, but, in addition to these other methods, you could also hear a grinding or even smell a burning. These may be indicators that your transmission fluid is broken down or leaking.

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