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Vehicle Registration, Tax, and Title Fees for Drivers in Wisconsin

How Much are the Tax, Title, and License Costs for Cars in WI?

Are you soon to be purchasing a vehicle? Is your car due for a registration renewal? As a current or soon-to-be driver, you’re probably wondering how much the tax, title, and license costs are for cars in WI. Here’s what Wisconsin drivers can expect to pay for their vehicle.

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Vehicle Registration Fees

Most vehicles in Wisconsin fall under the standard Automotive class. For these vehicles, vehicle registration costs $85 and requires yearly renewal. Hybrid vehicles will require an additional $75 surcharge while electric vehicles cost an extra $100. Motorcycle and moped vehicle registration will cost $23 and will need to be renewed every two years.

Sales Tax Fees

Sales tax fees buyers can expect to pay in Wisconsin is 5%. Depending on the county the transaction is being conducted in, the county may also add an additional 0.50% tax for a total of 5.50%.

Title and Title Transfer Fees

Owners that are purchasing a new vehicle or a used one from a seller will be required to pay the WI title fee of $164.50. This fee is the same regardless if the title is new or is being transferred. If the title of a vehicle is being transferred to a surviving spouse or a domestic partner, this fee will be waived. The cost to replace a title will be $20.

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Note that fees may vary depending on the vehicle type and value. For instance, motor homes, autocycles, and RVs are just a few examples of vehicles that will require different vehicle registration costs. All tax, title, and registration fees collected support the Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT) and offset costs of operation. To learn more about vehicle fees in Wisconsin, we recommend learning more on the Wisconsin Department of Transportation website.

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