Toy car with a toy tree tied to its roof

How to Safely Transport a Tree with a Car

Tips for Driving Home a Tree for the Holidays

Are you shopping for a last-minute tree for the holidays? Before you head out to the tree farm, you should be aware of how to safely transport a tree with a car. Here are some tips to help you get your tree from the tree farm to your home.

Loading Your Tree Inside Your Vehicle

The ideal solution to transporting a tree is to securely load it inside your vehicle. If you drive a larger model, like an SUV or minivan, this option may be available to you and should be considered first. To load your tree, put down your rear seats and lay out sheets or blankets. This will help keep the branches and pine needles from scratching your interior.

Loading the tree in the payload area of a truck is another great option to consider. Lay blankets or sheets underneath your tree to prevent scratches in your truck’s bed. Next, tie your tree down inside your truck bed and ensure it does not move. Most trucks will have cargo hooks available for large items.

Tree tied to the roof of a car

Tying Your Tree to Your Vehicle’s Roof

Is your vehicle not large enough to hold your tree inside the cabin? Don’t drive a truck? In this case, you’ll need to tie your tree to your vehicle’s roof. Of course, this is recommended if your vehicle has roof rails to help ensure that your tree stays in place. If you do not have a roof rack, you should consider other options as tying your tree to your roof may be too dangerous. An expert at the tree farm may be able to offer other ideas for you based on your vehicle and tree sizes.

If your car has a roof rack and you are ready to tie your tree down, you will first need to lay out a sheet or tarp to prevent scratches on your car’s paint. If your tree isn’t already netted, get it netted to secure the branches and make it easier to handle. Then, load the tree on the roof so that the trunk is facing towards the front of your car. Use rope to tie down the tree to your roof rails at the top, middle, and bottom. Before driving, give your tree a good tug to ensure that it won’t move. Ask for one of the tree farm workers to check your work and provide assistance if you need help, especially if you haven’t secured a tree to your car’s roof before.

Once you are ready to start driving, remember to drive carefully. Use a route that avoids the highways so you can drive slowly. Remember to always stay cautious and avoid any hard acceleration, braking, or turning.

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