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What are the differences between SUVs and minivans?

SUVs vs Minivans: What’s the Difference?

With SUVs claiming to be the automotive jack-of-all-trades, it can be hard to pin down the differences that justify purchasing something other than an SUV. Take the minivan, for instance. What does it bring to the table that a three-row SUV doesn’t? Is there anything noteworthy? That’s exactly what we’ll be looking at today.

Here are the differences between SUVs and minivans.

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The Differences Between SUVs and Minivans

SUVs have…

  • AWD/4WD drivetrain
  • More powerful engines
  • High towing capacity
  • More variety to choose from
  • Unibody/body-on-frame choice

Minivans have…

  • High seating capacity
  • Spacious seating in every row
  • More cargo space without sacrificing seating capacity
  • Better fuel economy

SUVs In-Depth

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SUVs vary in size, from slightly bigger than a hatchback to a behemoth with more than 100 cu-ft of cargo space. Similarly, they can be unibody vehicles powered by a turbo-four, a body-on-frame hauler with a naturally aspirated V8, or any combination in-between. With more powerful engines and body-on-frame construction comes higher towing capacities. Almost all modern-day SUVs and crossovers have AWD variants as well, something only two of the five different 2020 minivan models on the market can claim. Also, most auto manufacturers have three to four different SUV models available at any given time, make for over 20x the amount of variety there is within the minivan segment.

Minivans In-Depth

While SUVs are generally more powerful and better off-road, minivans are usually much more fuel efficient. And SUVs that can match the fuel economy definitely can’t match the seating capacity and cargo room. Where a fuel-efficient three-row SUV has to fold down its rear row to get enough cargo space for more than a few bags of groceries, a minivan can seat seven to eight people and still have more cargo space available behind its rear row than those three-row SUVs get with their third-row seats folded down.

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