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Why You Should Not Put Off a Wheel Alignment

The Importance of Getting Your Wheels Aligned

Eventually, the wheels on your car will misalign. Perhaps you ran over a pothole. Maybe you accidentally hit a curb. Even worn parts can cause your wheels to misalign. For many drivers, a wheel alignment doesn’t seem necessary. However, this simply isn’t true. Here, we will explain when you should get your wheels aligned as well as why you should not put off a wheel alignment.

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What Happens When I Don’t Get a Wheel Alignment?

Let’s assume that a vehicle needs a wheel alignment but doesn’t get one. One major problem with this is how quickly tires wear. When the wheels are misaligned, the tires on your car can unevenly wear your tires out and make them wear out quicker, forcing you to replace them more frequently. In addition, your fuel economy will be negatively impacted due to extra resistance with the road. Not only will you pay more for more tires, but you will be owing your local gas station extra as well to keep up with the unnecessary fuel intake.

How to Tell If Your Wheels are Misaligned

While it may not be fully obvious, there are many signs to indicated that your wheels are misaligned. Here’s what you should watch for:

  • Uneven tire wear
  • Your vehicle pulls in one direction slightly or sharply
  • The steering wheel vibrates
  • The steering wheel is crooked or off-center

When Should I Get a Wheel Alignment?

Rear angle of a white car getting its wheels aligned

If you notice any of the above symptoms, you should take your car in to your local shop to get it checked for misalignment. If you don’t yet notice any of these signs, take note of when you had the service done last. Drivers are encouraged to get a wheel alignment every two or three years. If you haven’t had this maintenance done over the past few years, schedule an appointment right away.

Need to also buy new tires? Many drivers like to get their wheel alignment at the same time their tires are replaced. Consider asking your mechanic to do both and save yourself a trip back to the shop.

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