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Why are Sedans So Popular?

Pros and Cons of Driving a Sedan

A sedan is likely the first thing you think of when you think of a vehicle. This iconic body type has been around ever cars were first introduced. Also, while crossovers and SUVs are becoming more popular, sedans are still one of the most common body styles you can see on the road today. Why are sedans so popular? What are the pros and cons of driving a sedan? We will explore reasons why the sedan is not going away anytime soon as well as reasons why some sedan drivers are switching to the growing crossover market.

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  • Affordable and fuel-efficient
  • Easy to handle
  • Range from compact to full-size, letting drivers choose how much room they want in a sedan
  • Is low to the ground and most have four doors, making it easy for drivers and passengers to enter and exit
  • The cost to insure a sedan is low


  • Sedans are limited to a five-passenger capacity
  • Cargo is separate from the cabin and must be loaded in the trunk or unoccupied seats (note that modern sedans are now incorporating folding rear seats, thus eliminating this disadvantage for the most part)
  • Cannot tow or haul anything too heavy
  • Many sedans don’t look or feel sporty

Sedans are ideal for drivers that are on a budget and/or don’t require more than five seats. Due to being within a good price range for shoppers as well as being an easy option to learn, you will often see many first-time car shoppers and individuals opt for a sedan.

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