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Should I Buy a Crossover or an SUV?

Crossover and SUV Differences

It’s a common misperception among car shoppers to think that crossovers are small SUVs. It doesn’t help when even some car manufacturers combine the two with terms such as “crossover SUV”. However, it’s important to realize that there are big differences between crossovers and SUVs that you should be aware of. This way, you can better pick a model that’s right for you and your family.

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Car Platform vs Truck Platform

Front driver angle of a white 2020 Ford Explorer parked on a pier

Overall, the platform that the vehicle is based on determines whether a vehicle is a crossover or an SUV. Crossovers are based on the sedan platform; therefore, they resemble sedans closer than an SUV would. These vehicles tend to look sportier, feel more efficient and nimbler, and are more affordable for car shoppers.

Meanwhile, SUVs are based off the truck platform. SUVs are usually bulkier, more durable, and more powerful.  With this build, these vehicles are built to withstand intense pressure from towing and hauling. Also, they often offer options to enhance performance with more powerful engine options and off-road capabilities. In addition, more power means more muscle to carry more people. SUVs can seat anywhere from 5 people to 8 or 9 people, varying by the model.

Overall, both options are great to consider. Despite this, an SUV may not be as beneficial as a crossover, and vice versa. Reflect on you and your family’s needs before making a decision on which to shop for.

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