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Ideas to Do for Memorial Day 2020 While Social Distancing

Memorial Day Indoor and Outdoor Activity Ideas

Memorial Day is right around the corner, which means it’s time for celebration, reflection, and expression of gratitude to those that have fought to protect us. However, with the pandemic still lingering, you may not want to leave the house as you don’t want yourself or a loved one to get sick. For others, you may be itching to finally leave the house while still practicing social distancing. Whether you plan to stay home or do fun activities outdoors, we got a few ideas on what you can do for Memorial Day 2020.

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Go Fishing with the Family

Ready to get a breath of fresh air and listen to nature? Consider going fishing as a way to pass the time. If a family member doesn’t know how to fish, teach them proper technique so they can enjoy the activity alongside you.

Flower pot with red flowers and two American flag decorations

Decorate the House with Red, White, and Blue

Having been stuck inside the house for so long, it’s important to change your scenery once in a while. You can get ready for Memorial Day festivities by decorating your home with your favorite patriotic decorations featuring red, white, and blue. This is also a fun activity for kids.

Grill Out and Have a Delicious Meal

If the weather permits, grill your favorite foods for the family. Sit outside on your deck or, if you don’t have one, make a picnic in your backyard. If it’s going to rain on Memorial Day, consider picking up an indoor grill so you can enjoy the same delicious meal regardless of the weather.

Make a Soldier’s Day by Writing a Letter

Not only is Memorial Day meant to remember those who have fallen, but it’s also important to think of the soldiers away from their families today. Give thanks by writing a heartfelt letter to soldiers by showing your gratitude for the work they do. This is a fun way to also help your child practice their handwriting skills as schools are closed.

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