Close up of a gas nozzle pumping fuel into a vehicle

How Can I Improve My Car’s Fuel Economy?

Tips to Get Better Gas Mileage

Going through gas rather quickly? Many drivers don’t realize that there are ways to improve your fuel economy without having to buy a different car. In some cases, fuel efficiency can be improved with proper vehicle maintenance. For some drivers, changing your driving habits will surely reward you with savings. Here a few tips on how you can improve your car’s fuel economy.

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Family vehicle with the trunk open and luggage packed inside

Empty the Trunk of Unnecessary Items

Most drivers will find themselves carrying lots of weight within the vehicle or in the trunk. You can save some gas by removing some weight.

Close up of a person checking the tire pressure in a car tire

Check Your Tire Pressure

While you should already be checking your tires for the tread level, having tires that aren’t inflated properly will increase your fuel consumption. Not only that, but tires that aren’t at the proper tire pressure can also result in early or uneven wear of the tread.

Person driving on a road

Avoid Hard Braking

If you are the type to apply the brakes harder than you should, it’s time to change your driving habits. Not only is it terrible for your brakes and dangerous to other motorists when you can simply slow at a smoother pace, but hard braking can actually decrease your fuel economy. This is due to the fact that getting up to speed takes a lot of energy. It’s better to hold that momentum and try to maintain a consistent speed. Try to reserve any hard braking for emergencies.

Close up of a 30 MPH speed limit sign

Stop Speeding

Speaking of consistent speed, you should slow down if you tend to speed. While the primary reason for this is to protect yourself and other drivers, but vehicles traveling at high rates of speed will consume more fuel. In simple terms, it’s much easier to walk for half an hour than it is to sprint for half an hour. Stick to the posted speed limit, and your wallet and other drivers around you will thank you for it.

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