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How Can I Reduce How Much I Pay Every Month During Quarantine?

Tips for Saving Money While at Home

It has been a rough month for thousands of Americans with the COVID-19 situation keeping people at home. Now, with another month extended to the stay at home order, Wisconsinites will need to endure yet another month of carefully managing their finances with reduced or no income. Thankfully, there are ways you can reduce how much you pay every month during quarantine. If you are worried about paying your bills on time, here are a few tips for saving money while at home.

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Monitor Your Utility Usage

Since you and your family are now staying at home, you will likely be using your utilities more often, such as electricity, water, and heat. However, you can minimize this increase as much as possible by monitoring your usage and making sure no one in the household is wasting water or energy. Here are a few things you can do to accomplish this.

  • Take shorter (not fewer!) showers
  • Don’t leave the water running (even for just brushing your teeth)
  • If it is nice outside, open the window for cool air instead of using your A/C unit
  • Turn off lights and electronics if no one is using them
  • Unplug idle electronics
  • Limit the number of lights you have running in one room
  • Open your blinds or curtains during the day for sunlight

Buy Cheap and Nutritious Foods

Getting delivery or takeout from your favorite restaurants should be considered as a treat, not an everyday way of life. While doing so will support that restaurant through this difficult time, it gets very expensive. Plan your meals around cooking some cheap and nutritious food for the family. This will help keep you occupied longer throughout the day and save you money. Got plenty of food in the house already? Eat food you already have so you can cut back on grocery costs and reduce food waste.

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Cancel Unnecessary Subscriptions

How often do you use cable? What about that one streaming service you wanted to try out and never touched again? Review the services you are paying for every month and decide whether or not you use it enough to keep it. If you use one service far more than another, consider dropping the one that isn’t used very often, even if it’s just for the next couple months. Various services you should consider potentially canceling include gym memberships, streaming services like Spotify and Hulu, cable, and even physical subscriptions like monthly merchandise packages from your favorite store.

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