Cars driving in foggy weather

Safety Tips for Driving in Harsh Weather Conditions

How to Drive Safely in Severe Weather

Severe weather can happen at any time of year. However, fall and winter bring some of the most dangerous weather conditions to drive in. Fog and thunderstorms become more frequent in the fall. Meanwhile, the winter brings blizzards and icy roads. Here are some safety tips for driving in harsh weather conditions.

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Driving in a ThunderstormPerson driving with lightning through the windshield

Of course, thunderstorms bring rain. You should always have your wipers running and take it easy. Tires can’t grip wet roads as well and can lead to slipping and hydroplaning. Heavy rains will also keep you from seeing where you are going, thus creating a dangerous situation. Staying indoors or driving to shelter would be a wise decision.

If you cannot find shelter, pull over and turn off the engine. Don’t touch anything metal inside the car, including the radio, door handles, cell phone charges, and even the steering wheel in case lightning strikes your car. Finally, never seek shelter under trees. Lightning is more likely to strike trees than the ground itself.

Driving in Fog

Fog is one of the more dangerous weather conditions to drive in. Your visibility is greatly reduced, and others may not be slowing down as they need to. To safely drive in fog, drive slower and have your lights on. Do not make the mistake of turning on your brights as this will only worsen the situation. Also, do not just focus on the car in front of you. If another vehicle or an animal is on the side and about to cross, you may not see them in time.

Cars driving in the middle of a blizzardDriving in Snow

Unfortunately, fall also means that winter is quickly approaching. Once it starts snowing, you will need to plan more time to reach your destination. To drive safely in snow, stay behind the car in front of you by a much greater distance. You should always accelerate and decelerate slowly as traction won’t be very good. It’s always best to stay home in situations when the snow is sticking to the ground and the roads are icy.

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