Fall Trail

Best Hiking Trails Green Bay WI

As we pass into fall, we pass into a season that is full of life and fun activities for one or for the whole family. Although you can certainly do it year-round, one of our favorite autumn pastimes is hiking. The scenery for a hike is never better than during the fall, so we thought now might be the perfect time to highlight some of the best hiking trails in and around Green Bay WI.

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Fox River Trail

Without a doubt the most well know and, subjectively, best trail in the area is the Fox River Trail. Having had over two million visitors over the past twenty years, it certainly sees plenty of action. With a course that’s over 26 miles long passing through Allouez, De Pere, Greenleaf, Forest Junction and more following the Fox River south, it offers a wonderful atmosphere and plenty of sights. The trail is managed by the parks department and remains open from 5 a.m. to 9 p.m. Keep in mind that if you’re going to use the trail on wheels instead of for hiking, you’ll need a Wisconsin State Recreational Trail pass.

Other Trails

There are plenty of other trails in the area to enjoy as well. We’ve listed a few more below, including the address for their starting point.

  • Baird Creek, 500 Beverly Road
  • Colburn, 1158 Highview Lane
  • Euers Walking Trails, 1701 Military Avenue
  • Fritsch, 700 LaCount Road
  • He-Nis-Ra, 1900 South Point Road
  • McAuliffe, 3100 Sitka Street
  • Perkins Park, 600 N Fisk Street
  • Preble, 471 Skyline Boulevard
  • Wildlife Sanctuary, 1660 East Short Drive

If you’ve got a favorite trail of your own, let us know in the comments below! We hope you enjoy the fall season as much as we plan to.