Lambeau Field Front

Can you tailgate at a Packer game?

It’s NFL football season, which means it’s time to celebrate the packers even more fiercely than we do the rest of the year. Last year we gave you the rundown on where to find parking for a Packer game here in town, but what about tailgating? Can you tailgate at Lambeau Field or is that against the rules? We assure you, tailgating is very much legal at Packers Games, and you wouldn’t be getting the full experience if you skipped it.

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What is tailgating?

If you’re native to Green Bay, then you’re probably not reading this blog, as tailgating is a time-honored tradition at Lambeau Field and all Packers games. If you chose to park away from Lambeau Field so as to save a bit of cash, then you’ll have to find somebody you know that parked in the lot in order to tailgate. If you’re choosing to park in the Lambeau Field parking lots themselves, then you’re golden. You’re only permitted to use one parking space per vehicle, but the 6’ of space behind your vehicle is all yours to use for tailgating.

Bring your beer, your snacks, even your meat and grills! Cooking on a grill with charcoal or L.P. gas is legal in the parking lot, as long as the grills are supervised at all times and fully extinguished before leaving them unattended. You’ll find receptacles for trash, recycling and even hot coals all throughout the parking lot, so please be respectful and responsible. Plenty of restrooms are accessible from the parking lot as well, as are the dozens of portable toilets located throughout the lots.

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Hopefully, all of this information helps you plan for the next time you’re heading to the field for a big Packer game. GO PACK GO!