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Pros and Cons of Hybrid and Electric Vehicles

Hybrid and electric vehicles are becoming more and more popular. Eventually, they may become more common than the typical vehicle that runs only on gasoline. As both types are very different, we will discuss the similarities and differences between both hybrid and electric cars.

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What are Hybrid Cars?

Hybrid vehicles are ones that use both a gasoline engine and at least one electric motor. A “full” hybrid is capable to travel some distance with the electric motor alone, even if its not for long. A “mild” hybrid is one that has the electric motor assisting the engine but is unable to run without the gasoline.

What’s great about hybrid cars is that they are more fuel efficient and cleaner. This leads to less money being spent and another way to reduce emissions to the environment. Unfortunately, these cars cost more than a vehicle that runs on a gasoline engine. Although the price difference isn’t typically by too much anymore, this can be a turn-off for a buyer.

What are Electric Cars?

Electric vehicles run off electricity without the need of any gas. These cars are the most environmentally friendly vehicles as there are no emissions and the cheapest to run. Imagine never stopping at a gas station again!

The bad part of owning an electric vehicle is the range, the amount of time to charge, and the price. Every electric vehicle has what is called an “all-electric range”. This is the approximate number of miles you can travel on a full battery before having to stop and charge. Now, stopping to charge wouldn’t be so bad if charging a big battery didn’t take so long. Depending on how much the battery needs to charge and the kind of vehicle, this can take hours. Also, depending on where you go there isn’t always an easy way to charge the car. This can be very hard for drivers that love to travel. Finally, since electric cars are still very new, they are not yet affordable for most car buyers.

Closeup of a Dashboard Showing an Empty Fuel Tank on a Car

Person Pumping Gas into Their Car

Electric Vehicles Parked and Plugged into Charging Stations

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