Helpful Automotive Life Hacks for Car Care & Convenience

Today we thought we’d try to make life a little easier for you by sharing some automotive hacks for car care & convenience. Follow these tips & tricks when you need them, and your shoulders should feel a little lighter for the day.

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Makeshift Cupholder

If for some reason your vehicle doesn’t have a viable cupholder, or perhaps just doesn’t have enough, you can utilize a thick roll of duct tape or even a shoe to create sturdy makeshift cupholders in your vehicle.

Makeshift Trash Can

Tire of having to clean a boatload of trash out of your vehicle every so often? A simple plastic bag or trash bag might do the trick, but these can be annoying to use and take up almost as much space. Instead, purchase a plastic cereal container and thread a plastic bag through it. Voila!

Extra Storage

Finding that you don’t have quite as much storage in your vehicle as you need? Create some extra space overhead by threading a mesh bungee net through the handles above each door in the vehicle. If you’re looking instead for a better way to organize your storage, consider keeping a laundry basket or two in your trunk or cargo area.

Fix Dents & Scuffs with Household Products

Do you have a plunger? What about toothpaste? If not, these are pretty cheap pickups at the store, and they’ll help you rub out scuffs, pop out dents and even clean your foggy headlamps. Wipe some toothpaste on the scuffs on your car’s exterior then wipe it off and scratches should be much less visible if not gone altogether. The same process can be applied to your headlamps, though you’ll want to really scrub it into the plastic and then let it sit for a while before rinsing with water and drying. Finally, any minor dents around your vehicle can be popped out the same way you unclog your toilet. Just make sure to clean the plunger before you take it outside and touch your car with it!

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Hopefully, these great tips will help you down the road. Don’t hesitate to share your own tips, tricks and life hacks in the comments below!