Grandfather Strapping Child into Car Seat

National Safety Month Car Seat Techniques & Tips

In honor of National Safety Month, we thought we’d go through some techniques & tips for utilizing your car seat. This will be especially important on any road trips you go on this summer. So, read through the steps below and try to adhere to them to ensure your child’s safety as you hit the road!

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  1. Inch Test
    1. Grab the bottom of your car seat
    2. Move it around left to right, front to back
    3. If it moves more than an inch, it’s too loose
    4. Tighten things up, try again until it’s tight enough
  2. Baby Strapped into CarPinch Test
    1. Pinch the strap near your child’s shoulders
    2. If you’re able to grab a wrinkle in the strap’s fabric, it’s too loose
    3. Tighten the straps up, try again until they’re tight enough
  3. No Towels
    1. Do not use a towel to cool off the car seat when it’s hot
    2. Putting anything between your child and the back of the car seat is dangerous
  4. No Rentals
    1. Never rent a car seat as you do not have verified information about its history
    2. Bring your car seat from home if you are going to be driving a rental car
    3. You can generally check a car seat for free at most major airlines
  5. Check Expiration
    1. Do not use an expired car seat
    2. Check the sticker on the unit or your registration card to find the expiration date
    3. Plastics and fabrics can degrade in time, making the car seat incapable of performing to its full standards
  6. Secure Items
    1. Don’t just secure your child, secure other loose items as well
    2. Tie down anything you can, such as suitcases, beach chairs, et cetera
    3. These items can become dangerous in the event of a crash, don’t take your chances

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We hope that you’ve already been following these techniques without realizing it, but if not be sure to work them into your routine!