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Top 4 Road Trip Games to Play with Kids

If you’ve got a long road trip planned this summer, or maybe a few shorter ones, or whatever it might be… if you know you’ll be in the car with the kids a lot this summer, then you might be curious as to how to keep them entertained on the road. If you don’t want them to just vegetate on their screens the whole time or maybe don’t have that ability, but you also don’t want to return to the over-played favorites you might remember from your childhood (like I Spy, 20 Questions or the License Plate Game), we got 4 of the top games you can play that you might not have heard of in the past.

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Road Trip Bingo

This first game takes a little bit of preparation before you hit the road, but we think it’s innovative and really fun. Everyone who is playing will need a writing utensil and a hard surface to write on, as you’ll need to make (or print a pre-made) road trip bingo card. The bingo card needs to have things that you expect to see on your trip, and players will be able to cross things off as they see them until someone gets bingo! Print off a few so that the kids can play more than once.
retro bingo card template with sliding windows. vintage game board design

Counting Game

Admittedly, this one might get a little boring. It might best serve as a filler game that the whole family can play from start to finish while playing other games or doing other things. Each person in the vehicle chooses something – you can keep it thematic, like restaurants or vehicle brands, or keep it general – such as McDonald’s. Whichever person chose that thing has to keep an eye out for instances of that thing as you drive, counting each time they see one. To avoid cheating, as that might be a problem with competitive kids, you can make it an audible game and have an adult keep score for everyone. Whoever found the most of their chosen “thing” wins at the destination, or whenever you decide to quit playing.

Alphabet Game

Sure, there’s a good chance you’ve heard of this game, but there are so many different spins you can put on it you might not have realized that it makes a great entry for this list. Choose a theme, like road signs, vehicles, restaurants, stores, license plates, or even keep it broad if you want it to go a bit quicker. You can either play the game as a family, just trying to get to the end as fast as possible or play it individually with each person having to spot their own things. Players will have to find instances of whatever category you chose in alphabetical order. So, if you chose vehicle brands, an Audi, a Buick, a Chevy, a Dodge, etc.

Alphabet Game 2.0

Like we said, there are a ton of different spins you can put on the alphabet game, so many that we needed to list it twice. This is our favorite spin on the alphabet game, and you can do it endlessly until everyone gets bored or switch it up every so often with a new category. Whatever category you choose, be it cities, countries, animals, movies, celebrities, musicians, and so on, someone starts with an instance of that category (ie. Gorilla if the category is animals) and then the next person must name something else from that category that begins with the last letter of whatever the first person said (ie. Anaconda) and so on (anteater, raccoon, newt, etc.). You can put time limits on it, so someone gets eliminated if they can’t think of something, or just go until someone gives up. However, you wish!

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Hopefully, this list helps you out this summer as you hit the road!