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6 Tips for Road Trips with Kids

Are you traveling with your family for Memorial Day weekend or some other time this summer? Road trips can be a lot of fun, but they can also turn into disasters quick, especially when traveling with kids. Here are some tips on how to have an easy and happy road trip with the family! blue, white and red button with text "5 more tips for spring cleaning your car"


Drive at Night or in Early Morning 

If you’ve got an especially long journey ahead of you (6+ hours), consider driving at night or waking up early in the morning. The kids can sleep for at least an hour or two and you can focus on driving. 

Have an Adult in the Back 

It’s nice to have a co-pilot next to the drive, but if you’ve got multiple children that tend to fight, having an adult in the backseat is probably the better option. The adult can settle arguments, play games and just give the kids attention when needed. 

Spend Quality Time with Kids 

Speaking of giving kids attention, a road trip is a great opportunity to connect with your kids and spend some quality time with them. Young kids are always looking for their parent’s attention and being cooped up in a car for a day is a great opportunity to spend some quality time playing games or just talking. 

family driving in car with mom looking back on kids in rear seat


Screen Time Limits 

Screens and electronics can be helpful on a road trip to keep everyone entertained, but they have their limits. Every kid will eventually get bored of watching a screen and can get cranky when bored. Plan some classic road trip games or bring crafts for everyone to do! 

Choose Healthy and Clean Snacks 

Road trips can get messy if you bring the wrong snacks. Cookies and crackers can cause a mess, instead try healthy alternatives like nuts, dried fruit and granola bars. 

Plan a Pitstop 

Nobody likes to be stuck in a car all day, especially kids. Plan out some pitstops by a park to give the kids a chance for some outdoor play while you stretch your legs. 

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