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How Long Does a Child Have to Use a Booster Seat in WI?

When it comes to traveling, especially with children, safety is always the priority. Recently, laws in many states, like Wisconsin, have changed involving car and booster seats for children and how long they should be used. How long does a child have to use a booster seat in Wisconsin? 

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Over the years, our understanding of car and booster seats has changed, and we now know that more children should be using them until they get to a certain height and weight. 

In Wisconsin, the law states that any child less than a year old or less than 20 pounds must be in a properly restrained rear-facing child safety seat in the back seat of a vehicle. A child that is between the ages of one and four or weighs between 20 and 40 pounds can be in a forward-facing child safety seat. 

For children between four and eight years old, more than 40 but less than 80 pounds and less than 57 inches tall must be in a proper child booster seat. Any child older, taller or heavier than that can be restrained with just a safety belt, but it is recommended that all children under the age of 12 rides in the back seat of a vehicle.  

infant in child restraint seat in car

How to Install a Car Seat 

If you’re new to a car or booster seat and need to install one, we can help with that too! It’s most important to get to know your child restraint seat and read the directions before properly installing it. 

First, you’ll want to figure out what seat and position are right for your car seat, then find the LATCH anchors in your car. These are in any car made after 2002. Once you have the positioning and anchors, it’s as simple as attaching the hooks of the seat and then tightening them until they’re secure. No problem! 

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