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Why Should I Get a Used Car Instead of a New One?

Are you looking to get a new car but are unsure whether to get a new or used one? It can be a tough choice for many drivers, so to make the decision a little easier, let us tell you why the benefits of getting a used car outweigh the benefits of a new one, right here! 

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More Affordable 

Let’s start with the immediate advantage that used cars have over their new counterparts, they’re much more affordable! We’re not just talking about cars that are a decade old too, a used car that is just a couple years old and offers much of the same that new models offer can be half as expensive. If you want the most bang for your buck, a used car is the way to go! 

Less Depreciation 

It’s common knowledge that as far as investments go, new cars aren’t exactly the best. New cars immediately lose their value as soon as you drive off the lot and can lose up to 50 percent of their value within three years. Used cars hold their value much better than new ones. 

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Vehicle History Reports 

It wasn’t too long ago that buying a used car was risky business because of all the unknown history. Nowadays, thanks to vehicle history reports like Carfax and AutoCheck, drivers know more about a used car’s history than ever before, meaning less risk in the purchase! 

Lower Insurance Costs 

The primary item for your insurance company to determine your rates is your car’s value. Therefore, if your car isn’t as expensive, like a used car, your rates will be more affordable than they would with a new car. A used car saves you money in more ways than one! 

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