side view of covered car in garage

A Checklist for Taking a Car Out of Winter Storage

As we near the end of March and head into April, the weather will finally (hopefully) start to get warmer. For drivers with vehicles in winter storage, that means they can finally start to bring them out and get them ready for the summer. Here is a checklist of things to do when taking a car out of winter storage. 

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When taking a car out of storage, there are many things to do before starting it and taking it for its first drive in months. The main thing to remember is to make sure that there’s been no damage from water, rodents or anything else and it is safe to drive. Here are some things to do before bringing your car out of storage. 

  • Check the battery charge and that there’s no corrosion view of man checking car battery with tools
  • Inspect wiring and hoses throughout for cracks or loose connections 
  • Check oil and fluid levels, change as soon as possible 
  • Inspect tires and fill with air if needed 
  • Check for fluid leaks under vehicle 
  • Verify headlights, taillights, brights and blinkers work 
  • Air out interior 
  • Clear exhaust pipe 

If you go through this entire checklist and see no damage or causes for concern, go ahead and start up the vehicle. Let it run until you hear a smooth idle and don’t rev the engine. Test the brakes and make your first drive smooth and leisurely, take it slow. 

Tips for Cleaning a Classic Car 

Once you’ve brought your prized car out of winter storage, you’re probably going to want to clean it to get that winter dirt and grime off of it. There are a few tips to remember when cleaning a classic car. 

Make sure you use the right soap. Regular dish soap can be harmful to a car’s paint job. Start at the top and work your way down, cleaning the tires last so you’re not recleaning areas over and over. 

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