two cars driving past each other on road in snow storm

How to Keep Your Car Running Smoothly in Winter

The polar vortex has hit Wisconsin and the Midwest like a giant cold hammer! With record-breaking low temperatures along with snow and ice everywhere, it’s been a dangerous winter for drivers. Here’s how you can be sure your car is ready to battle the brutal winter elements! 

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Check Your Battery and Fluids 

In cold weather, usually, the battery is the first thing to go. A weak battery in the summer will really struggle in the cold. In 0° F, a battery has about half the power as one at 80° F. Check it to make sure it has enough power to last or consider getting a new battery. Same goes with fluids like your oil and coolant, make sure you’re at proper levels so your car is at optimum performance. 

Consider New Tires 

One of the most dangerous things you can do while driving in winter is drive on bald or deflating tires. First, you’ll want to make sure your tires are inflated to the correct pressure. Next, you’ll want to make sure there’s enough tread on them. If not, consider winter tires that give drivers better grip on snowy and icy roads. 

close up of car's tires on snowy road

Keep Your Windshield Clean 

Visibility is obviously key, and your windshield can really get dirty from the ice, snow and salt that comes with winter. If your wipers aren’t helping, get new ones and make sure your windshield washer liquid is full. Also, make sure the heat defroster works properly and consider getting a windshield de-icer spray. 

Keep an Emergency Kit 

Perhaps the most important thing is that you’re ready in case the worst should happen, and your car breaks down. Keep an emergency kit with essentials in your car at all times. You can learn what you should pack in a kit, here. 

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