close up of car tire driving on snowy road

Do I Need Winter Tires in Wisconsin?

We’ve just turned the calendar to November which means, yes, winter will soon be upon us here in Green Bay, Wisconsin. With winter comes the cold, snow and ice, which can mean perilous driving conditions. In fact, it’s in your best interest to seriously consider getting winter tires for your vehicle. Allow us to explain why! 

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lone car tire standing among snowIf you’ve thought that winter tires were a waste of money and didn’t offer anything different than regular tires, you’ve been sorely misled. It may seem like just a trick to sell more tires, but winter tires are universally recommended among tire professionals and automotive experts. 

When it comes to winter, especially in Green Bay, you can never be too careful when it comes to your car. From November until the spring, snow and ice regularly build up on roads and make conditions tough for drivers. Winter tires help by providing better traction and greater control of your vehicle, which can be the difference between a close call and a costly accident. 

Green Bay on average sees about 50-inches of snowfall every winter, and last year was an especially tough one for the area, getting hit with 68-inches before spring finally came. So, make sure your car is ready for the snowfall with new winter tires! 

Where Can I Get Winter Tires in Green Bay? 

Ok, so you’ve decided that you need some winter tires, now where can you get them? Well, if you ask us your best bet is heading on over to one of the Broadway Automotive locations in Green Bay on Ashland Avenue or S. Military Avenue! 

Broadway Auto has a full-service center complete with the newest and highest-quality tires available from all kinds of brands and all kinds of vehicles. Plus, drivers can also get a tire rotation as well, so you know your vehicle is in top shape for the Wisconsin winter! 

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