red and yellow tree leaves in autumn

Best Places to See Fall Foliage in Green Bay, WI!

There’s no doubt about it, autumn is in full swing! Not only does that mean the temperature dropping, but it also means beautiful fall foliage! Green Bay is home to beautiful parks full of trees with fall colors. Here are some great places to witness fall foliage in Green Bay! 

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Green Isle Park 

Green Isle Park in Allouez has been around for years and is always a great destination for a relaxing and beautiful day during the fall. Not only is it home to baseball diamonds, soccer fields and an ice rink, but also offers a great walking trail that is bursting with color during the fall! 

Green Bay Botanical Garden 

road in forest during autumn with red and yellow leaves on treesThe Green Bay Botanical Garden is always the place to go for nature and garden enthusiasts. There’s perhaps no better time to witness nature’s beauty than during fall at the Botanical Garden! See what they have in bloom this season, here! 

Fox River Trail 

Of course, for those just looking for a leisurely stroll, there’s always the Fox River State Trail! Starting in downtown Green Bay, the Fox River Trail winds for 25 miles along the river and through all the natural beauty that Green Bay has to offer! 

Cofrin Memorial Arboretum 

At the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay, there’s the beautiful Cofrin Memorial Arboretum! Surrounding the Green Bay Campus, the arboretum has numerous trails and sights to see that are at their finest when sporting fall colors! Learn more, here! 

See Even More Beauty with a Trip to Nearby Door County! 

If you’re really looking to experience the best natural beauty of autumn that Wisconsin has to offer, then perhaps you should consider a trip to nearby Door County! About 45 mins northeast of Green Bay, Door County is regularly named one of the most beautiful places in the country for fall foliage. Find out why, here! 

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