woman and dog in front seat of car with dog looking back

How to Keep Your Car Clean with a Dog

Do you love your dog but not the smell he or she leaves behind in the car? Don’t worry, you’re not alone! Everyone loves to take their dogs with them on car rides, but they can sometimes leave a mess or stink behind! Here are some tips for keeping your car clean while traveling with a dog! 

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Groom Your Dog 

This is fairly obvious but still worth saying, if you want a clean car the best way is to keep your dog clean too! Keep them regularly groomed or washed and give them a good once over before getting in the car, especially if they’ve been running around outside! 

Use Just One Vehicle 

two dogs looking out the window of parked carIf you have multiple vehicles, designate just one as the dog carrier. This way, you only have to regularly clean and maintain one car instead of multiple! 

Restrain Your Dog to One Area 

As much as your dog may want to hop and move around in the car, try to isolate them to one space in the vehicle. Whether you use a crate or train them to stay in one place, having just one area to clean up is a lot easier than the entire interior. 

Clean Right Away 

The best way to keep your car smelling fresh and clean after your dog’s been in it is to clean it right away. It doesn’t have to be a deep cleaning, just a good once over so that dirt, dust and fur don’t accumulate over multiple trips. 

Invest in a Seat Cover 

Getting a seat cover is a great way to keep the seats of your car looking and smelling fresh and makes cleaning up easy! Plush Paws has numerous products that are specifically for dogs in cars. 

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