close up of headlight of black car

How to Replace a Headlight Bulb

Do you have a burnt out headlight bulb? If you do, you should replace it immediately because not only is it dangerous to drive at night with just one headlight, but it’s also a common reason for getting pulled over by police and getting a ticket. Here’s how you can replace your headlight bulb yourself in just a few steps! 

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Tools You’ll Need 

Replacing a headlight bulb is fairly simple and doesn’t require much. First, you’ll need a new bulb. You can find your bulb type in your vehicle owner’s manual or you can look it up online, here. Besides that, all you’ll need to change your car’s headlight bulbs is some rubbing alcohol or alcohol wipes and maybe a screwdriver depending on your car. You’ll also want your vehicle’s owner manual by your side in case you need to consult it. 

Now, let’s go through step-by-step on how to change your car’s headlight bulb! 

How to Replace a Headlight Bulb 

  1. Remove power connector 
  2. Remove dust cover (and  clip if your car has one) 
  3. Gently grab housing of bulb and pull it out 
  4. Clean new bulb with rubbing alcohol or alcohol wipes 
  5. Line up bulb housing with socket and insert gently 
  6. Slide in the bulb and make sure it’s secure (may require a twist) 
  7. Replace clip (if needed), dust cover and power connector 
  8. Turn on headlights to make sure they’re working 

These steps should cover universally nearly any car available. If you find that you’ve correctly followed the steps multiple times but still can’t seem to get your headlights to work, there may be deeper electrical problems with your car and you should consult a mechanic. 

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