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5 Reasons to Get a Used Car Instead of New One

Are you thinking about getting a new car but aren’t sure if you want to get a brand-new or used car? We think the used car route is a great choice, and we’ll tell you why! Here are five reasons why you should get a used car instead of a new one! 

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More affordable, Less Depreciation 

This is the most obvious but also the biggest attraction of a used car, it’s simply more affordable! By getting a used car, you can get a much better value for your dollar because you’re getting a car that won’t instantly depreciate like a new car! 

No Dealer Fees 

young man on laptop researchingWhen you get a new car at a dealership, you’re not just paying for the car, you’re also paying for shipping charges, destination, fees, dealer preparation, etc. Not so with a used car! You’re simply buying the car and that’s it, no $500 or $1,000 fee you don’t need! 

Lower Insurance Premiums 

If you get in an accident with a new car, insurance will only cover what the car is worth at that time, not the full purchase price you just paid for it. This is why drivers get gap insurance to cover the gap between the purchase price and depreciation, but it raises their insurance premiums. One thing you don’t have to worry about with a used car! 

More Options 

When getting a new car, drivers are limited to just what the dealership has on its floor, a few new models. With used cars, drivers can browse hundreds of different models from numerous brands to find the right one for them! 

Better Research Available 

If you’re worried about getting a used car that turns out to be a dud, don’t worry, those worries are a thing of the past. Used cars last much longer than they used to, plus drivers can get detailed vehicle history reports on every car! 

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