red suv on side of dirt road in empty desert with hood up and smoke coming out

What Should I Have in an Emergency Roadside Kit?

Safety is always priority number one. But, safety isn’t just about being cautious and avoiding danger, it’s also about being ready when the worst happens. For drivers, this means having an emergency roadside kit in their car at all times. If you’re looking to make a kit and are wondering what should go in it, here are some suggestions to make sure you’re always prepared! 

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Car Essentials 

young man placing down triangle reflectors in front of his broken down car on the side of the roadFirst, you’re going to want essential things for your car. These are basic things like jumper cables and maybe some coolant or motor oil that might fix your car in case of a breakdown. Then, you’re going to want some things that help make you and your car is seen if it’s on the side of the road like flares, triangle reflectors and a flashlight for you. Finally, it’s always smart to have some kind of tools handy, whether it’s a small toolkit or just a swiss army knife all-purpose tool. 

Survival Essentials 

Next, you want to be prepared in case you or someone is hurt or you’re stranded waiting for help for many hours. These are basic things like a first aid kit, some bottled water and non-perishable food (nuts, granola bars) and blankets. You want to be prepared in case you’re stuck in your car for a long time. 

Personal Essentials 

Finally, you should also pack anything you or one of your possible passengers can’t go longer than a few hours without. This includes any medicine you need to take daily, or even baby wipes and diapers if you have a young child. Remember, it’s better to have it and not need it! 

Thanks for reading! We hope this helped you get prepared to make your own personal emergency roadside kit, so you’re always prepared! Keep up with our blog for more posts like this!