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What Car Brands Have Discounts for College Graduates?

Are you a recent college graduate looking to get a new car? Lucky for you, many automaker brands offer discounts for recent or soon-to-be college graduates for new cars to help make the transition from academic to professional a little easier! Here are some brands that offer discounts! 

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Although every brand has their own qualifications and rules, for the most part, all it takes to qualify for a college graduate discount is proof of graduation within last two years or next six months, no adverse credit history and proof of employment. Ask your local dealership for more details. 

GM (Chevy, GMC and Buick) College Discount 

woman in graduation cap and gown holding hundred dollar billsOne of the best discounts around comes from GM and its college discount. Those who qualify can get access to supplier pricing on new Chevy, GMC and Buick models! With this, grads get the discount GM suppliers get! Supplier pricing is basically the invoice price with a small fee, which can be up to thousands of dollars! 

Ford College Student Purchase Program 

Ford also rewards college graduates with a great discount. The Ford College Student Purchase Program offers $750 to grads on new Ford vehicles plus any other current offers they offer. This allows drivers to combine discount specials! 

Honda/Nissan/Volkswagen Graduate Discounts 

There are tons of other discounts available to college graduates from numerous brands, but to keep this from getting too long we’ll just touch on the remaining big brands. Honda and Volkswagen both offer up to a $500 discount on new vehicles to grads. Nissan does at well, and some college grads can qualify for a $1,000 on certain Nissan vehicles! 

If you have any questions about the graduate discounts, you can contact a local dealership nearby who would have more detailed information on the special offers. 

Thanks for reading! Good luck to all the recent and soon-to-be college graduates and we hope this post helped you save some money!