close up of rear wheel and body of motorcycle with person riding on empty desert road

Motorcycle Riding Safety Tips

We’re in the middle of summer, which doesn’t just mean green grass and warm weather, in Wisconsin it means its motorcycle season! Whether this is the year you finally got your license and your bike or you’re just getting back into it after a while, make sure you’re staying safe by adhering to these tips and guidelines while riding! 

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Prepare Your Ride 

Before you get underway, make sure your machine is in working order. Check the tires, headlights, taillights, signals, horn and for any signs of oil or gas leaks. Before you get going, do a quick test of the brakes, clutch and throttle to make sure everything feels right. 

man and woman riding motorcycle together on empty road in flat countryWear the Right Gear 

This is another important pre-ride step. Make sure you’re properly equipped before setting out. A helmet and face shield or some kind of protective eyewear is a must. Clothing like boots and gloves can help prevent injuries. Consider wearing reflective tape or gear to make yourself better seen, especially if you’re riding at night. 

Ride Defensively 

While riding you should always ride with the assumption that other cars can’t or don’t see you. Drivers aren’t as used to driving next to or with motorcycles, so be sure to anticipate miscommunications or a driver not seeing you. Drive with headlights on and signal turns well in advance. 

Ride Your Bike at Your Speed 

A common mistake some riders make is asking too much of their motorcycle or driving out of their comfort zone. If you’re riding with a group or with someone else who may be more experienced than you, don’t try to ride at their level or speed if you’re not comfortable with it. Go at you and your bike’s speed, not someone else’s. 

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